Enriching information systems and knowledge bases simultaneously

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Information engineering - the DNA of Ardans

Ardans was created in 1999 by consultants who wanted to help organisations master and integrate knowledge-based systems and information systems in the same environment.

Today, Ardans assists its clients in information engineering processes through the following offers

Ardans' offer thus covers the entire cycle of setting up an IT application.

The advantages of our offers and solutions:

  • Customised development with high-performance and open tools,
  • Immediate synchronisation of information relating to operations for monitoring purposes,
  • Application accessible through a simple browser,
  • Management interface adapted to the tasks of the various participants,
  • Unique and searchable database for statistical purposes.

Project organisation at Ardans

The experience acquired by the founders of Ardans led them to manage all of its projects according to the AGILE method (or culture) backed by a pragmatic quality approach.

In this context, Ardans has developed an internal project management tool used in the context of a fixed-price project. This tool was named APM for "Ardans Project Management" and since its creation has been completely integrated into the Ardans Knowledge Maker software package. It takes into account the monitoring documents produced for the project. The follow-up summary tables used during progress meetings are also automatically generated by APM. This platform is directly accessible to clients for consultation and validation of information published by Ardans.

This environment has been tested in the operational contexts of organisations such as ANDRA, CEA, Groupe PSA, Société Générale, EDF, Air Liquide, Transdev etc.

The know-how of Ardans engineers

Ardans engineers are specialised in structuring business data. They master UML modelling software and its variations in relational models and XML schemas. For standardised models such as the CIM (Common Information Model), Ardans engineers work with EDF Lab and Central SupElec on Model Driven Architecture (MDA).

Ardans engineers also master the development tools used to create multi-support and interoperable web applications (mastery of the various SOAP, REST, XML-RPC protocols and ESB application buses).