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Ardans, Knowledge Consulting & Software Solutions

ARDANS is the French reference expert in knowledge management for companies or Knowledge Management KM solutions, as well as in information management (IT).
To carry out your Information and Knowledge System (IKS) projects, ARDANS proposes a complete "Consulting & Services" offer as well as industrial software solutions, resulting from the capitalisation of its operations' feedback.

The objective is clear: to put information and knowledge into action.

Knowledge Management

The knowledge management solutions offered by Ardans will enable you to prepare, implement, deploy and guarantee the continuous memory of your organisation.

Friday, October 27, 2023
How do you create or enrich a knowledge base with the contents of your databases, files and spreadsheets? Answer with the AKM Loader module of Ardans' AKM software.
AKM Software modules: AKM Loader
Wednesday, February 8, 2023
OPHELIE is the result of a common observation and analysis by 3org & Ardans based on their expertise in information governance and knowledge engineering.
Ardans and 3org present OPHELIE during Search-Day 2023
Tuesday, February 7, 2023
PARNASSE - the ultimate ISO30401 compliant Knowledge Manager framework, imagined, designed and produced by the experts of the Knowledge Management Club and Ardans.
PARNASSE the ultimate ISO30401 compliant Knowledge Manager framework at Digital Workplace 2023

Ardans, a consulting and engineering company

Founded on December 27, 1999, Ardans is a consulting and engineering company whose mission is to support organisations in the analysis and processing of information and knowledge, Knowledge Management.

Since 1985, the founders of Ardans have shared common experiences in the design and implementation of information or knowledge-based systems in the telecoms, industry, banking, health and service sectors. Although Ardans' clients today vary greatly in size and status, they all share the common characteristic of being inspired by a truly sustainable human dimension.


CoP Manager: the tool dedicated to the CoP leader of CoPs, integrating all CoPBoK concepts.

AUGM 8th edition: Ardans brings its entire community together in Paris at the end of 2024 to celebrate its 25th anniversary.


PARNASSE: ISO30401 tool in practice delivered to Knowledge Management Club


Ardans Users' Group Meeting 7th edition at La Fabrique in Paris

AKM Loader new version to facilitate the integration of content in the knowledge base


From the KB-Scope to the ELS, the Expertise Locator System, from the mapping of expertise to that of experts.

Kalam for mapping critical knowledge, another result of the dynamics of Ardans and Polia feedback and methods


CoPBoK : Community of Practice Body of Knowledge the result of feedback from Ardans and Polia


Ardans welcomes Polia Consulting and Jean-Yves Prax in its midst


Ardans Users' Group Meeting 6th edition Pan Piper Paris


New internal organisation (KM, Lab, IT) and revamped communication


Ardans Users' Group Meeting 5th edition
Pan Piper Paris


Implementation of Ardans Information Maker version 1 in a .Net environment


Ardans Users' Group Meeting 4th edition
Maison de la Mutualité Paris

AKM v3 in production

The AKM BDES Tool (economic and social database)


Version 1 of AIM Ardans Information Maker

Realease of the IMT tool(AKM Innovation Management Tool)


Ardans Users' Group Meeting 3rd edition
Salons Champs Elysées Boétie Paris

Ardans is moving to Montigny-le-Bretonneux (Paris-Saclay)


Implementation of version 1 of Ardans Information Maker in a java environment.

Ardans delivers its first e-K.Book: JASMINE


Ardans Users' Group Meeting 2nd edition
Etoile St Honoré Paris


AKM v2 in production


Ardans Users' Group Meeting 1st edition


The Ardans method and the Ardans Knowledge Maker tool in front of the CGE community in Namur


ICARE deployed in the automotive industry to be presented at the Knowledge Week in Nantes


Delivery of the first AKM v1licences


Employee takeover of the company


1st collection of expertise produced with AKM


Development of Ardans Knowledge Maker v0: AKM


Ardans SAS with a capital of 200 000 € then 230 000 €


Creation of Ardans SAS with a capital of €150,000

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For a recall by Ardans

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