Friday, June 2, 2023

Ardans, Knowledge Consulting & Software Solutions

ARDANS is the French reference expert in knowledge management for companies or Knowledge Management KM solutions, as well as in information management (IT).
To carry out your Information and Knowledge System (IKS) projects, ARDANS proposes a complete "Consulting & Services" offer as well as industrial software solutions, resulting from the capitalisation of its operations' feedback.

The objective is clear: to put information and knowledge into action.

Knowledge Management

The knowledge management solutions offered by Ardans will enable you to prepare, implement, deploy and guarantee the continuous memory of your organisation.

Wednesday, February 8, 2023
OPHELIE is the result of a common observation and analysis by 3org & Ardans based on their expertise in information governance and knowledge engineering.
Ardans and 3org present OPHELIE during Search-Day 2023
Tuesday, February 7, 2023
PARNASSE - the ultimate ISO30401 compliant Knowledge Manager framework, imagined, designed and produced by the experts of the Knowledge Management Club and Ardans.
PARNASSE the ultimate ISO30401 compliant Knowledge Manager framework at Digital Workplace 2023
Monday, February 6, 2023
2023, de nouveaux enjeux pour Ardans votre spécialiste du knowledge management. Découvrez le catalogue des formations KM et CIM 2023, ainsi que les prochians rendez-vous autour de la gestion des connaissa
Ardans' best wishes for a successful 2023

Ardans, a consulting and engineering company

Founded on December 27, 1999, Ardans is a consulting and engineering company whose mission is to support organisations in the analysis and processing of information and knowledge, Knowledge Management.

Since 1985, the founders of Ardans have shared common experiences in the design and implementation of information or knowledge-based systems in the telecoms, industry, banking, health and service sectors. Although Ardans' clients today vary greatly in size and status, they all share the common characteristic of being inspired by a truly sustainable human dimension.

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