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October 18, 2012

Ardans is present at the event "Search2012" dedicated to
"Value creation through access to relevant information" .

This fifth edition is organized October 18, 2012 in Paris La Défense
(Pole Leonardo da Vinci) by Jacqueline SALA & Veille Magazine.
Free register on the site

Ardans supported the event and especially the session on "Research & Innovation".

At 9h00 : Opening of the session is dedicated to ELHOM :

"ELHOM solution, for owner operation".

Stakeholders :
Yves MAHE Executive Manager Dexip (
Alain BERGER Directeur Général Ardans.

At 15h45 :

Roundtable moderated by Hervé Basset on "Research & Innovation 2.0"

Stakeholders : Jean-Sebastien FRANC Ixxo, Pascal MAGNIER Expernova, Vincent BOISARD Coexel, Didier THEBAULT Existensz et Alain BERGER Ardans

Press release ...

March 29, 2013

The whole Ardans team is happy to gather its customers, on March 29, 2012 in Paris,
during the third meeting of the users of the method and Ardans tool.

AUGM will be held at 112, 114 rue de La Boétie 75008 PARIS
The access map

The program of the day:
Testimonys and Experience feedbacks of EGIS, Club 3CR, EADS IW - Aibus UK. Air Liquide Engineering
The first presentation of the new version of Ardans Knowledge Maker V3
12:30: Lunch
14:00: Thematic workshop to be chosen at the time of the inscription
  • Human organization around a knowledge base's life
  • Transfer of knowledge and expertise
  • Setting up and structuring a knowledge base
  • Interoperability and Cross-fertilization between information system and knowledge base
16:00: Conclusion of the demonstration and last discussions around a coffee shop
The detailed program of the day

October 11, 2011

LE MIS 2011

"Having knowledge base updated to deploy and disseminate knowledge of its organization to its employees in their work situation" is a desire to operational managers. But look closer, the issue of confidentiality and protection of its distinctive competencies are obstacles to such strategic beliefs.

Requested by customers on the subject of targeted dissemination of knowledge contained in a knowledge base, Ardans offers eK.Book ® which offers the opportunity to deploy on "tablets" or SmartPhone these valuable content.

All or part of the knowledge base is thus stored in a mode "Only Real" in a "independent" modes of technology.

It is available to those nomadic aspects to them consistent with their right to know.

Speaker :
Alain BERGER, Co-Founder and CEO Ardans

PhD in Artificial Intelligence, he began his career as a "Knowledge Engineer" in the nuclear industry where he was involved as early as the 87-90 design to deployment of a national education system by artificial intelligence. We call this object may be now a platform for e-learning knowledge base for a network job?
Having expanded its course on the grounds of innovation and information system, with Jean-Pierre Cotton, he participated in the creation of Ardans.
Ardans has the vocation to converge in a single device user-centric, information systems and knowledge.
Ardans is identified today as the French leader Intangible Assets Management with a complete package: consulting, expertise (IT & KM) and editing software.

"Monitoring indicators and knowledge bases: Definition, Qualification, Scheduling and Connection elements of knowledge"

Appreciate and understand the integrated knowledge base is a strategic information in the eyes of managers.

How the knowledge engineer and the Knowledge Manager must be equipped to meet regularly with questions and expectations of these important "KPIs" ?

In this presentation, François Vexler decline the different concrete expectations of operational experts in the constitution to the validation of a knowledge base. It expresses the feedback on the "life" of such systems with the supervision behavior in consultation or contribution.

Work on research on the field will be discussed in conclusion.

Speaker :
François VEXLER, Consultant Ardans

MD, he completed his studies with a master computer to begin his career in the computer world. Entered the industrial world leads quickly to the management of technical documentation working on projects such as the Rafale aircraft. His experience continued in consulting around issues of information management, documentation environments of technical and scientific expertise. He was naturally oriented knowledge management and joined Ardans there are already more than 6 years. His expertise has deepened in areas related to the collection of technical expertise in areas as diverse as biological instrumentation, banking, oil exploration, automotive, civil engineering or detonation.

June 16, 2011

AquiDoc 2011

Ardans meets young PhD & students in Bordeaux during Aquidoc.

Ardans needs new talents to develop the Ardans Knowledge Maker (knowledge mangagement and engineering platform): IT expertise, Knowledge Engineering and also Business Development!

Ardans will also participate to the conference "Docteur en Sciences et Techniques" 15:15 - 16:30

May 16, 2011

Plateforme AFIA 2011    AFIA France

Ardans will be present at this event, 18 and May 19, 2011 Manège the convention center located in downtown.

The French Association for Artificial Intelligence is the learned society devoted to AI. It unites the Francophone community of AI through its multiple facets.

As part of this event, Ardans publish in the Bulletin of AFIA the following article:
"Building a collective memory of the business: knowledge management" ( access the publication ...)

This article, whose authors are Alain Berger and Jean-Pierre Cotton presents a feedback on different operational situations in the field of knowledge management .

March 8th, 9th and 10th, 2011

Solutions Intranet

Ardans the French leader KM is now on stand E70 the 8th, 9th and 10th of March 2011

Conferences & Workshops led at the event :

9th march from 11h00 to 12h00,
Alain BERGER Ardans CEO testifies at the conference :
SI3 : Knowledge management : offres, coûts et bénéfices

Company 2.0 is threatened by the entropy - the state of disorder - of its increasing internal communications, multivoques and very often cacophonous. Except using tools allowing to assemble, of sorting, to enrich and distribute information, conversations, “collective intelligence”. Testimonies

10th march from 9h30 to 10h00,
Jeanne Hélène di DONATO, 3C-R, Expert & Aline BELLONI, Ardans, Consultant ran the workshop :
Implanter une plate-forme collaborative avec AKM v2.2 pour le Club 3C-R

The workshop presents the pragmatic approach which led to the platform installation of collaborative to connect all the members and members of the Club 3C-R.
The initiator of this device presents the installation of AKM v2.2 used by the Club 3C-R, networks the biobanques ones, is in the middle of the approach of exchanges, production and of capitalization of information trade necessary to these new infrastructures of research.

10th march from 16h00 to 16h30,
Arnaud LELACHE, AFI Agence Française Informatique, Expert and CEO & Nicolas EVREUX, Ardans, Consultant ran the workshop :
Algebrics :Suite hébergée de logiciels libres pour les collectivités garantis par des éditeurs professionnels, associés a une base de connaissance

ALGEBRICS is a project innovating resulting from collaboration between AFI, AtReal and Ardans. Identified by the "Pole de compétitivé Cap Digital", it got support of the "secrétariat d'état à l'Economie numérique" within projects Web 2.0 launched in 2009.
The conjunction of solutions open trade source diffused via an architecture of the cloud type allows to give a new dimension to knowledge bases.
The lawful follow-up is based thus on a base of knowledge Ardans Knowledge Manager, supplied with the community of the users. The trades applications communicate with the base of knowledge via webservices, so as to present to the user cards of the most relevant knowledge according to its context of work.

February 28, 2011

OSEO Excellence

Ardans was selected by OSEO as one of 2000's most promising companies in France.

OSEO support ARDANS since 2005 especially in the development of Technology "Knowledge Ardans Maker" that helps organizations to share and develop knowledge. After the "multilingualism", the latest project has involved "Cleopatra" a draft validating the concept of "laboratory notebook Electronic probative value.

Press release ...

November 8th and 9th, 2010


Ardans wait you on booth E1 to present you the version 2 of the Ardans Knowledge Maker software and his companion modules including the new module AKM Viewer (ALPIN project for Air Liquide).

November 9th, from 10:00 to 10:30 am :
workshop "operational knowledge"

"How to initiate in 2010 a process of sharing knowledge within the company?"
Workshop animated by Jean-Pierre Cotton (Chairman and founder of Ardans) and Pierre Mariot (Consulting & KM Director Ardans - CapDigital Expert)


Since the 1970s, computers sciences and expert systems let glimpse perspectives where the know-how businesses by the human beings would be reproduced.

Forty years later, computer technologies are numerous and business manager is distraught.

The implementation of a first device for sharing knowledge within the company remains a real challenge to the decision maker who wants to initiate such a process within its organization.

Ardans demonstrated in this workshop, how to approach a simple and pragmatic way about this.

Beyond the presentation of the Ardans method, make, the illustration with the tool Ardans Knowledge maker v2 of some operational applications, will deliver to the listener several concrete and accessible axes of reflection.

October 20, 2010

MFQ       I-Expo

"A method and a tool for knowledge sharing, smart and practical, for SMEs"

Witness: Claire Warren STAGO Manager Coordination and Methods / Coordination Manager
Organization: French Movement for Quality Nord Pas de Calais
Seller: Entreprises & Cités 40, rue Eugène Jacquet PO Bag No. 15 59708 Marcq en Baroeul Cedex. Tel.

Since industrialization, the dream to play with the best quality production or reflection passionate organizations. If the techniques are evolving, if organizations change, the important remains invariant: Humans.
Also, methods are available to take into account both its support for such progressive measures and secondly the ability to live harmoniously in the operative time.
The purpose of this breakfast is to illustrate how a simple and practical, a department of an SME has an appropriate method and a tool for sharing knowledge. You will have a valuable feedback and strong five-year life of such a system

9 & June 10th, 2010

Ardans       I-Expo      KMForum

Ardans, the French leader of the KM, will be present June 9th and 10th on the exhibition I-Expo/KM Forum in Paris Expo Porte from Versailles.

Ardans in partnership with the GFII proposes a free conference on June 9th of 12:00 to 13:30:
“From information management to knowledge management: new human dynamics from two experience feedbacks in a research laboratory: CLEOPATRA SESAME OR the GENESIS Of a MANAGEMENT SYSTEM OF KNOWLEDGE WITHIN the INFORMATION SYSTEM OF the LABORATORY”
Aline BELLONI, Consultant KM, ARDANS
Marc MENARD, Responsible for Quality and Regulatory Businesses for InGen, BioSciences InGen

Ardans animates during this exhibition a workshop on June 9th (room 2 with 16:00):
“Integration with the information system of the business knowledge: operational experience feedbacks with Ardans Knowledge Maker”
Presentation by Jean-Pierre Cotton President and Technical Director of Ardans

You will find on the stand 5F2, the Ardans team for demonstrations of the tool Ardans Knowledge Maker v 2.1 and its new “companion modules”

April 28th, 2010
Ardans       Stago       MFQ2010

You wish:

To have a state of the art on Knowledge management pratices by French industry-leading and individual member of the CapDigital pole of competitiveness
To benefit from an experience feedback on the implementation and the life of the process of knowledge management within the R & D of the world leader of the medical diagnosis in hemostasis
To discuss about the implementation, the human dynamics , the tool, the deployment, the indicators, the contributions/certifications, etc

Briefly to inform you with complete freedom,
do not miss this meeting!

All details about the morning

April 1st, 2010

The whole Ardans team is happy to gather its customers, on April 1st, 2010 in Paris,
during the second meeting of the users of the method and Ardans tool.

AUGM will be held at the Center of conference Saint-Honore Etoile
21-25, rue Balzac 75008 PARIS (possible with 6 rue Albrecht)
The access map

The program of the day:
9:00: Testimonys and Experience feedbacks of ArcelorMittal, French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission, Diagnostiga Stago, EADS-IW Airbus, Societe Generale, Zodiac Areospace.
12:30: Lunch
14:00: Thematic workshop to be chosen at the time of the inscription
  • Tool: “of the v2 to the v3: practices and prospects”
  • Poetry: “to reconcile knowledge management and…”
  • Life: “to animate a process with the organization…”
16:00: Conclusion of the demonstration and last discussions around a coffee shop
The detailed program of the day

October 7th & 8th, 2009
ICC 2009

Ardans shares with the visitors its very rich news on the B8 stand of the exhibition. The specialists in knowledge management meet to discover new version 2 of the Ardans Knowledge Maker software marketed since the summer with its “companion modules”.

plenary 10/8/2009 with 14:00 - Montesquieu Amphitheater
Operational creation and knowledge sharing and impacts on the communities of practices
With the presence of the Richelieu Committee, Zodiac Aerospace, Diagnostica Stago
Animation ensured by Philippe Ducôté (Expert km - Founder of Kmap)

Operational creation and knowledge sharing and impacts on the communities of practices
Which are the methods (Knowledge engineering, participative innovation,…) and solutions (social networks, wiki, collaboratives platforms,…) which contribute at the same time to
- an optimal capitalization of the knowledge,
- an improved productivity
- an acceleration of the creative processes?

How to initiate them, perennialize them within your organizations?

How to create the conditions necessary to the secured deployment of new cultures of the sharing and the communication?

How to leverage the business knowledge and how to measure their impacts on the communities of practices?

In which contexts and until where can one benefit from new technologies to support a production and an efficient dissemination of the ideas and knowledge of various natures?

With the presence of the Richelieu Committee, Zodiac Aerospace, Diagnostica Stago
Animation ensured by Philippe Ducôté (Expert km - Founder of Kmap)

Richelieu committee      Diagnostica Stago       KMap Zodiac Aerospace

To know some more about the news of Ardans
here press release
September 18th, 2009
European week of mobility
The Conference proceeded at the Community of Agglomeration of St Quentin in Yvelines in the contexte of the week of Mobility 2009.
President Robert CADALBERT President of CA SQY introduced morning mobility.

Consideration on the implications between lifestyles, habitat and moves with the role of public policies at the local scale.

European week of mobility

Dr. Nicolas LOUVET, of the cabinet 6T, presented the results of a study on the brakes and the levers to the practice of the bicycle in suburbia.

Dr. Stéphanie VINCENT (ENTPE, EPFL/LaSUR) approached the influence of the practices acquired in the modes of altermodaux travels (bicycle, walking, covoiturage, drunk)

Marie Paule THOMAS (EPFL/LaSUR) processed main tendencies in the ways of life and the way in which the policies of habitat and town planning can influence them.

Animation by Dr. Alain BERGER, General manager of the ARDANS company, specialized in the transmission of knowledge (Knowledge Management)

Dr. Muriel LARROUY, Leadership of Transport and travels of the Community of Agglomeration of Saint-Quentin-in-Yvelines.

Ardans Alain BERGER
To accompany at the beginning of the 21st century the organizations in the implementation of knowledge management: experience feedback

6-t Nicolas LOUVET
To apprehend the alternatives to the car is to include/understand mobility

Altermobilities: sociological diversity of the alternative forms of mobility to the car analyzes

calydial Marie-Paule THOMAS
Durable urban habitat for the families

Saint Quentin in Yvelines more…

September 2009

Head office of the Competitiveness of Industry and the Services Department of economics and of Industry Cap DIGITAL
Being labeled by the pole of competitiveness Cape DIGITAL, ALGEBRICS was retained at the time of the call to projects “Web-based 2.0” of the Secretariat to the Digital economy by the Head office of the competitiveness of industry and services (DGCIS).

Creation of the first portal of business applications in mode SAAS dedicated to the local authorities in connection with a collaborative knowledge base of regulations follow-up.

This portal meets all the functional needs for the communities Financial Management M14, GRH, Wages, management of the elections, management of the deliberations, cemeteries…). The business application programs are sublicense free.

This solution makes possible a drop in the maintenance costs of the management systems: no server, no backups, no update. The migration of the application programs of the communities towards a structure hosted in mode SAAS or Cloud Computing, will make it possible to rationalize the overall costs of operation of the application programs used by the territorial collectivities. This type of architecture will also facilitate the implementation of téléservices and the dematerialization of the exchanges between the administrations.

Ardans has in particular the responsibility for a working package on the interoperability and the development of Web-based advanced Services.

The concerned parties:

data-processing editor specialized in the businesses of the territorial communities

AtReal AtReal:
specialized company in the free software for the corporations and the communities

Ardans Ardans:
specialized in the information management systems and in knowledge

17 & June 18th, 2009
Beyond its presence on the exhibition (stand 3G2), the specialists in the knowledge management and knowledge management give each other appointment to discover version 2 of the Ardans Knowledge Maker software.

6/18/2009 with 15:00 Ardans Knowledge Maker V2

The workshop of June 18th at 3 p.m. will be animated by Jean-Pierre Cotton with the team of Lab of Ardans.
10 - June 12th, 2009
Altya Risk & Knowledge Management and Ardans present at the time of their intervention of the Wednesday, June 10, 2009 - 14 hours/15 hours

Title of the presentation:
The management and the sharing of knowledge to the service of environment and the durable development, 2 cases of application: agenda 21, the standard ISO 14001

To capitalize, share, swap its knowledge to accelerate the awakenings and the actions of each one. This dynamics, established well in the encyclopedias in line and other sites of knowledge sharing extend to the organizations which engage in the durable development. Thus, in the local communities to accompany the implementation by Agendas 21 which place environment at the center of the projects. Thus, in the implementation of the standard ISO 14001 on environment for the industrial sites. Ardans and Altya present the method and a tool of implementation of this knowledge sharing, accelerators of human dynamics, on two concrete cases, one in a local community for Agenda 21, the other in a station of water treatment for the standard ISO 14001.

Dominique Lefebvre Directing ALTYA Risk & Knowledge Management Pierre Mariot Directing ARDANS

June 11th, 2009
The 3èmes meetings Young Researchers - Corporations proceed on June 11th at the University Victor Segalen, Place of the Victoire in Bordeaux.

Ardans testifies in particular at the time of the round table Management RH starting from 15:15.
12 & May 13rd, 2009
On May 12th and 13rd 2009 are held at the CNIT Paris Defense
the Meetings 2009 of the Management of Projects.
Ardans is present on the exhibition and the arrival of version 2 of the Ardans Knowledge Maker tool will be the event of the Exhibition

To note on your agenda:

5/12/2009 in 14:30 Management of Project-base, collaboratives technologies and Web 2.0

Simon TRUDELLE, expert Web-based 2.0 and international specialist in the application packages project management, independent consultant
Sylvie CHAUVINISTIC, President de International Markess
Nicolas VILARS, Chief marketing officer, Planisware
Frederic SALT MAKER, Directeur of the Gouvernance Pole IF, Consulting
Jean Fox, Directing Europe of the South, Mindjet
Arnaud POUJARDIEU, Managing director, Bluekiwi
Alain BERGER, General manager Ardans

to register you: To click here

5/12/2009 with 17:00 Round Table Ardans

Share and reflections on management by the organizations
dependant problems
with the Management of Knowledge & Project-bases;
with in preview contributions of Ardans Knowledge Maker v2
Pascal RAWSIN, Consulting IF & Internet
Jean-Pierre COTTON, President & Technical Director, Ardans
Jean-Bernard DUBOIS, Executive vice president, IM Project-base
Philippe DUCOTE, Consultant & President,
Dominique LEFEBVRE, General manager, Altya Cindynéo
Pascal MORER, Director of the Organization and the Strategy, Diagnostica Stago

April 28th, 2009
April 28th, 2009, Ardans joined the Pole of Competitiveness Cape DIGITAL Paris Paris area.

Cape DIGITAL is the pole of competitiveness of the contents and digital services.
By its presence, Ardans thus reinforces the Connaissances commission and particularly the community “knowledge engineering”.

April 29th, 2009, at the time of the Meetings Cape DIGITAL in Paris which were held with the Forum of the Images, Ardans carried out at the time of the “One Madness minute” the ritual presentation of the new members.
January 28th, 2009 with 14:20

Ardans testifies at the time of Session 3 on Wednesday, January 28, 2009:
Industrial session and demonstrations - President Cédric Wemmert

To accompany at the beginning of the 21st century the organizations in the implementation by a knowledge management: experience feedback; Alain Berger, Jean-Pierre Knitting machine and Pierre Mariot (Ardans Company)

EGC 2009 API Pole data base Sebastien Brant BP 10413 * 67412 Illkirch CEDEX FRANCE
December 18th, 2008

With the day order, experience feedbacks: ArcelorMittal, Societe Generale, AbAg, AFI; presentation of Ardans Knowledge Maker v2 and the technical workshops to thematic methodological or organisational.
December 3rd, 2008 of 14:30 to 17:00

How to give the means of a relevant analysis of the problems and an effective control of the actions by approaching the processes of resolution and the techniques of knowledge management

The process management of resolution
Many are the initiating events of the processes of resolution: Audits, Analyzes risks, Incidents, Non conformities, commercial Affaires, Projets, etc Of the analysis of the problem encountered with the implementation of the improvements, various topics are approached: to benefit from the experience feedback, to optimize the internal relation customer-provider, to make effective the meetings, to follow the actions and to memorize knowledge.
The listeners receive a quantitative and qualitative measuring instrument to help them to evaluate these processes in their organization.

Intervening: Novel STEFANSKI (ACOMOS)

Knowledge management
To optimize and consolidate, using the quality system integrated into, the process information system of R & D in biotechnologies in order to exploit the assets as well as possible and to improve the performance.

Reference frames of knowing and know-how as regards exploitation of the assets for the solution to problem and the improvement of the performance: the method established using a “system of km” makes it possible to exploit the flexibility of modeling in order to configure an electronic Electronic Lab Notebook and to use the flexibility of structuring to parameterize the management of quality and documentation associated (case AbAg) and to be used the interests as management with various sources of information (total documentation of the site, documentation of the systems of management of quality, security, environment, assistances of training, helps with the resolution of the problems and the control of the risks) in a structure of size SME (case Aquiris).

For AbAg-Ardans: speakers Dr. Aline BELLONI - Ardans Consultant and Dr. Damien THOMAS - Leader AbAg project
For AQUIRIS: intervening Frederic DEWEIRDER - Consultant QSE at ALTYA Risk & km.
December 2nd, 2008 with 15:00

45 minutes To rock & Control your documentation quality with Ardans Knowledge Maker

The objective of this practical workshop is to present in 45 minutes the working method to rock of a documentation “traditional” quality towards a process documentary, powerful for all the concerned parties of the firm, able to swap with the remainder of the information system. This process integrates the approach quality into work on-the-job of the users, major factor in obtaining certification. It supports the human dynamics of appropriation of the approach quality by the users.

François Vexler discusses with Aline Belloni. In 3/4 of hour, series they illustrate the construction of the new process of management of the quality of the organization. Concrete answers will be given to the industry outlooks such as:
To parameterize its environment and to make evolve the process very easily,
To integrate the solution into the information system of the firm i.e to reach the elements in consultation and modification directly since the other applications,
To work out the key indicators of follow-up of the approach quality,
To archive and index documents (Word, Excel, pdf, etc) by families/categories (methodologies, procedures, process, equipment, etc),
To seek by key/multi-criteria words, via a user-friendly and ergonomic application interface,
To manage the versions of documents, the consumer rights and to have Workflow of drafting/validation/approval,
To consult or seize descriptions of the encountered problems,
To find the consultancies relevant or the solutions tailored with the problems

Speakers: Aline Belloni (abelloni@ & François Vexler (fvexler@ Consulting Ardans.
13 & October 14th, 2008

To anticipate, Innovate, Decide, in the money-savings of knowledge

The 4th edit mode of Meetings ICC (Innovation, Competitiveness & Knowledge) specifies well the anchoring of the reality of the “capital knowledge” in the organization. In the middle of the money-savings, profitability, the durable one imposes an human dimension of respect to sit a true sharer of the inheritance knowledge.

Join Ardans on a1 stand and at the time
Conference Ardans Expert of October 13rd to 9:00 with testimonys of Sonatrach and Calydial 2008 (Regulator: GP3)
Crossroads of October 14th to 11:00 with the presentation: Ardans Knowledge Environment Engineering: AKM v2.0
Contents of the conference and the crossroads.
September 3rd, 2008
Lyon, France
From September 3rd to 5th 2008
New technologies of information and governorship of the health systems

Experience feedback around the establishments of the Rhone-Alps in promotion for health

Effectiveness of health establishments: example of toggle in knowledge management for certification. Calydial is the regional example of the implementation of Ardans technology for this purpose.
Initialized with the stakes enacted by the certification of the High Authority of Health, the process was anchored within the organization to meet pragmatic needs for the personnel of health. The consumers of knowledge become producers of knowledge: true senders (cf J.C. Mielnik & E.Felix Towards the km 2.0 - Chapter 1.2 - Which Sharer of knowledge per hour of Web-based 2.0 and the collective intelligence ED. Vuibert).
28 & May 29th, 2008

To integrate the production and the analysis of the data, know-how, the quality assurance in a single and transverse environment.
Testimony of AbAg, company of R & D in biotechnologies, through the Ardans Knowledge Maker tool.

The researchers of AbAg carry out the every day of many experiments. The produced data are managed in the LIMS (Laboratory Information System Management) baptized SESAME.
Know-how and the approach quality are capitalized in a server of knowledge produced with the Ardans Knowledge Maker software package. These data are synthesized in sheets and ensure a complete traceability of all the operations. These sheets are signed electronically and they constitute the electronic book of laboratory which proves the anteriority of work of the company and guarantees the follow-up of the approach quality pursuant to know-how.
May 15th, 2008
Ardans intervenes with the Club Knowledge management at the time of the plenary meeting of May 15th, 2008 morning in Paris
  • 9:00 - 9:15 the word of President JL. Ermine
  • 9:15 - 10:30 Experience feedback and developments by Ardans
  • 10:30 - 11:00 Rollout of knowledge: the category of Ardans
Place of the full session: Know-how and Co 11 bis, rue d'Aguesseau, 75008 PARIS
2 & October 3rd, 2007
Since 2005 and it is now a tradition, Ardans present of the concrete examples of the knowledge management des within SME, small organizations, or great groups.

 Tuesday, October 2
Within the framework of the exhibition, Ardans accommodates you stand B6 (free access) and presents the last evolutions of the Ardans Knowledge Maker tool. This version is in production in particular at Mitsubishi, Veolia, ArcelorMittal and PSA Peugeot Citroen.
The specialists will appreciate the module “companion” of management of project intended to the follow-up of the tasks. Calydial was the first customer to adopt this functionality.

 Wednesday, October 3
At the time of the crossroads solutions (free access) Ardans retained the session Solutions Collaboratives & Portails to swap around the completely remarkable testimony of the company of search in AbAg biotechnologies
Ardans recommends to you to hold your place taking into account the restricted number of places available.

Dr. Aline BELLONI - Person in charge Regulatory Businesses and AbAg Quality & Dr. Directing Pierre MARIOT Consulting & Knowledge Ardans Management, present:
To found dynamic “a trade” collective to consolidate and enrich the inheritance by a start up in biotechnologies: CLEOPATRA
To consult the contents of testimony…

 Exhibition: B6 stand
Ardans accommodates you so that you can appreciate his offer of capitalization and valorization of know-how and swap on experience feedbacks. The topicality of ICC' 2007 concerns in particular:

Version 1.8 and in preview of the elements of version 2 in béta of Ardans Knowledge Maker environment

Last operational developments:
 “Icare v2”: new evolution of ICARE after two years of industrial life in the sites of PSA Peugeot Citroen,
 “Knowledge Elicitation Training”: Following the success of the trainings given to ArcelorMittal, HEC Geneva, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Supex, Paris Dauphine, Stago, Mitsubishi Electric, Ground Landscape, Veolia Toilets, AbAg, Calydial, etc, here the new offer of Ardans to control interview technique in order to collect, structure and thus capitalize critical knowledge.
 “Cléopâtra”: the Electronic Book Laboratory which leverages knowledge,
 “DiAGNOS”: the base “trade”, example of management of knowledge and diagnosis in health.
 “Accreditation”: for the certification of High health official (HAS),
 Feed, Perceval, Messerschmitt, process approach which covers the cycle of the development of the information system to the knowledge management,
 Grandpa Boom to capitalize strategic knowledge before a departure with the retirement.
27 & March 28th, 2007
The company Ground Landscape specialized in the expertise of the grounds, their preparation and the choice of the plants to establish in order to obtain made technical and esthetic waited by the town planners or architects.
The clients of this body corporate are mainly local government agencies or territorial which are subjugated with the Code des Marches Publics. The drafting of a market (as AMOA), or the follow-up of such a business (as MOE) imposes a management of many technical papers or contractual.
Testimony relates to the singular process set up so much to attend the cycle of life of the documents (with the generation, referencing, the validation and the follow-up of version) that to capitalize the expertise and the know-how of the experts of the company.
This process centralizes the series of the inheritance considered in order to best share between the various concerned parties who are located on distant geographical spot (without counting the aspects of the building sites themselves).
June 6th, 2007
OWL: Experiments and International Third Leaderships Workshop Wednesday June 06,10:00 - 10:30
S2: OWL and Rules in Application programs

Broad companies often blind information and knowledge in multiple information systems using various models and formats. With hand stake is to retrieve the depending knowledge for has specific concern. We present year exploratory study for has broad automotive company faced to this problem. With first mock-up has been built using OWL ontologies and KAON2. Questions arose during its put off development: How to organize the ontologies? How to communicate with knowledge sources? How to assistance to use for query formulation? Does Which languages and technical to use? This paper present alternate choices made and envisaged.

Pierre Mariot, Jean-Pierre Knitting machine, Christine Golbreich, Alain Berger and François Vexler. “Multiple Querying sources with OWL ontologies: year exploratory automotive study in year company”.
January 23rd, 2007
Ardans & the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin in Yvelines animate the workshop “Method, Modèle and Ardans Tool of knowledge capitalization” a glance crossed between Christine Golbreich & Pierre Mariot on technology.
The method of modeling and the Ardans tool have the role the capitalization of an inheritance of know-how, its structuring, its formalization, its dissemination, its valorization in work on-the-job of the concerned parties of the organization, like its updated and its evolution. They support all its life cycle thus. The item presents the great principles which underlie the method, the principal primitives of modeling, and the Ardans tool.
November 14th, 15th and 16th 2006
Ardans, partner of SisQual 2006 will be present on the D03 stand.
It will organize the conferences of the Thursday, November 16 around the topic “To toggle in a knowledge management”.

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13 October 14th & 3 November 4th, 2006
Knowledge Management and networks E-business Modulate 2
19 & October 20th, 2006
Ardans is faithful to ICC since its creation and present of the concrete examples of the knowledge management on the ground in SME, small organizations, or great groups.

 Thursday, October 19

At the time of the technological crossroads (free access) two interventions are to be followed where the glances tool, methods and appropriation by the organizations and users are reported on the Ardans consultants:

In the session animated and introduced by Marc de Fouchecour entitled “Solutions km & CMS”, François Vexler, present:
Ardans Knowledge Maker: an economic environment which adapts, evolves and leverages knowledge
In the session animated and introduced by Sylvie Lebars entitled “Extraction and Capitalization of knowledge, management of business-critical competences and the memory corporate”, Pierre Mariot, present:
Examples of placement of process of knowledge capitalization and management of the experience feedbacks

 Friday, October 20

Two testimonys customers were retained by the Scientific committee of ICC' 2006:

In Plenary the 5 session animated and introduced by Marc de Fouchecour entitled “collective Effectiveness and work in network”, Dr. Agnès Mariot, Néphrologue with Lorraine Association for the Processing of the Renal Insufficiency (CHU Nancy) presents dynamic “the Knowledge” built in parallel to that of level 2 of certification HAS:
To build knowledge for the Collective Effectiveness in health establishments.
In Master Class animated by Caroline Buscal entitled “Memory of firms and competences critical”, Pierre Mariot and Christophe Coppens (PSA Peugeot Citroen), express elements of experience feedback of the automobile manufacturer:
Practical methods and approaches.

 Exhibition: A4 stand

Ardans accommodates you so that you can appreciate his offer of capitalization and valorization of know-how and swap on experience feedbacks. The topicality of ICC' 2006 concerns in particular:

Version 1.7 of Ardans Knowledge Maker environment

Postings relating to health and the alive one:
 “Accreditation”: for the certification of High health official (HAS),
 “Cléopâtre”: the Electronic Book Laboratory which leverages knowledge,
 “DiAGNOS”: the base “trade”, example of management of knowledge and diagnosis in health.
Postings relating to industry and SME:
 PERCEVAL, MESSERSCHMITT, process approach which covers the cycle of the development of the information system to the knowledge management,
 Grandpa Boom to capitalize strategic knowledge before a departure with the retirement.
October 5th, 2006
8th Shared meeting of the Company of Nephrology and the French-speaking Company of Dialysis
Dr. Marion Mehrenberger following his work with Ardans presents a publication entitled
Practical methods and approaches.“Anatomoclinic Approach of the diagnosis of the glomerulopathies using a software of knowledge management” to the Club Of Renal Pathology to 14:15.
These research tasks completed within the framework of a thesis constitute a new process of sharing of knowledge on a critical and threatened expertise.

Today, DiAGNOS with for aim of:

 To facilitate and personalize the access to knowledge
 To gather knowledge on the glomerular diseases
 To provide an direct access with dependant knowledge
 To manage 2 types of knowledge: knowledge of reference and the diagnostic approach
 In the long term, it is about: To constitute a reference index on the anatomopathology of the glomerulopathies & To offer to its users capacity to enrich it by their own experiments
17 & January 18th, 2006
Ardans takes part in international conference EGC 2006 and presents, through project ICARE carried out at PSA Peugeot Citroen, an item on the topic:
To animate a reference frame trade in industry: theory with the practice

The knowledge management, major stake for industry, entered a concrete phase of deployment. The conjunction of a maturity of the organizations in the control of their trade, the consolidation of methods and the tools evolutionary to animate knowledge assets support the emergence of significant projects and their operational dissemination within great industrial groups.
The example of ICARE at PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN carried out with Ardans Knowledge Maker environment is the example here.

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November 7th, 8th and 9th 2005
Ardans will be present on the F15 stand and will animate the conference 1A - “Knowledge Management” on Monday, November 7, 2005 of 9:30 to 12:00.
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 November 7th, 2005 of 9:30 to 12:00

Conference 1A organized by Ardans on the topics:

 Knowledge management: to capitalize knowledge and the best practices, in particular in Health establishments by Pierre MARIOT.
 The pragmatic km relay of quality in SME reported on Stephane LEGATELOIS General manager of DIALOG SERVICES company specialized in the provision of services for the remote sale (VAD) and the E-Trade
 Implementation of indicators quality related to the accreditation of the hospitals starting from validated medical recommendations: presented by Dr. Agnès MARIOT of the ALTIR (Lorraine Association for the Processing of the Renal Insufficiency)

 8 & November 9th, 2005 of 9:00 to 18:00:

Exhibition F15 Stand

Ardans accommodates you so that you appreciate his offer of capitalization and valorization of know-how and experience feedbacks:
 Method of knowledge engineering Ardans Make
 New version 1.5 of its tool dedicated Ardans Knowledge Maker
 PHOENICS the tool to deploy quality at Dialog Services
 ICARE to manage the logistic reference frame trade of PSA Peugeot Citroen
 The environment of the ALTIR to install the indicators quality related to the accreditation of the hospitals starting from validated medical recommendations

14-15 28- October 29th, 2005
Knowledge Management and networks E-business
29- September 30th, 2005
Ardans will be present on the C3 stand and will animate or take part in the following demonstrations:

 29 - 30 Sep. 2005

Ardans Knowledge Maker: the new version 1.05 - C3 Stand

 29 Sep. 2005 16:00 - 17h30

KM & KE: Innovation and knowledge:
How usefully to capitalize, invent and use collectively knowledge of the corporation?

Round table organized by ICCE with Ardans, Microsoft, Knowings, NEW

 29 Sep. 2005 12:00 - 13h

PSA Peugeot Citroen - Christophe Coppens
To establish a knowledge management: a real industrial stake

For more than 20 years group PSA Peugeot Citroen has invested in the knowledge management in order to place at the disposal of its teams the best practices and savoirs held by the experts of the group to support their daily decisions. The persons in charge trades appreciate that the process integrates in a transparent way one updated regular of this inheritance. The implementation of the methods and their associated tools reached a very interesting degree of maturity today. It is this industrial testimony illustrated by the last operation put in production and disseminated on more 500p which is presented at the time of this workshop.

 30 Sep. 2005 11:00 -12h

ALTIR Lorraine Association for the Processing of the Renal Insufficiency - Dr. Agnès Mariot
Implementation of indicators quality related to the accreditation of the hospitals starting from medical recommendations validated

The high authority of health implements the certification of health establishments and makes the promotion of the good practices and the good use of the care near the professionals of health. The ALTIR chose knowledge engineering in order to carry out this transformation for this certification and establishes its indicators quality in the Ardans Knowledge Maker tool.

 30 Sep. 2005 15:00 - 15h30

Dialog Services - Stephane Legatelois, General manager
To gain in performance and to instigate SME thanks to the km

Collective effectiveness and personal knowledge: stake of the performance - Case study

June 10th, 2005
The Management of Knowledge and Memory corporate
June 3rd, 2005
Beyond the document, to capitalize the experiment and knowledge.
Ardans Knowledge Maker, a tool for the accreditation: example with the Association of Lorraine for the Processing of the Impaired renal function.
FEHAP - Federation
May 12th, 2005
How to give desire for capitalizing the experiment?
April 8th, 2005
Knowledge management and Development of a reference frame Trade
Mastere: Technical and Economic Scientific intelligence
ESIEE: School Superior of Electrical engineering and Electronics engineers
December 16th, 2004
Identification of knowledge and localization of expertise, Methods of capitalization
November 6th, 2004
Organization E-business & knowledge management
Collective intelligence and corporate memory HEC Geneva - University of Geneva
October 11th, 2004
Business-critical competences and corporate memory
March 16th, 2004
Peugeot Citroen Cars: New generation of collection of knowledge: methodology and example
November 8th, 2003
Training in use of E-business & E-communication
1ier April 2003
Memory uninterrupted: the experiment of the implementation of Sachem, system based on the knowledge of piloting of the blast furnaces, and prolongations methodological
March 18th, 2003
Tools and Methods of Knowledge engineerings: To exploit Know-how
November 29th, 2002
International First Harmony Forum
Networking in has Knowledge-based Society

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